Gooey Grapefruit - Ethiopia
Gooey Grapefruit - Ethiopia

Gooey Grapefruit - Ethiopia

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Origin: Bench Maji, Ethiopia 
Farm: Gesha Village
Producer: Adam Overton 
Process: Washed
Variety: Ethiopian Heirloom 
Impressions: Lemon Candy, Honey, Iced Tea, Grapefruit
Altitude1911 - 2069 MASL
Roast Level: Light
Importer: Forward
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Price Forward Paid per kilogram: $8.36 USD FOB

Price we paid per KG: $19.54 CAD Shipped

Cost after roasting: $22.47CAD KG


Owned and operated by Adam Overton, Rachel Samuel and Willem Boot, this project was started in 2007 and has quickly developed to be an idolized producer in the specialty coffee world. With ~320 hectares planted of Gesha 1931, Gori Gesha and Illubabor Forest varieties, throughout 8 different zones that correlate with unique terroir.

Gesha Village is one of the most cherished coffee producers on the planet with 471-hectares in the Bench Maji zone of Ethiopia, nearby the town of Gesha and the Gori Gesha forest, the birthplace of the Gesha variety.

Gooey Grapefruit is a field blend called "Chaka" from Gesha Village Estate that we feel offers a clean, crisp and bright cup of coffee. Imported from Forward Coffee in Calgary Alberta, we believe this is a clean expression of a Ethiopian Heirloom. 

We called this coffee "Gooey Grapefruit" as it reminds us the sticky sweetness of honey, but the bright citrus acidity of a grapefruit. We also get impressions of Iced Tea and Lemon Candy sweetness.