Clari Bermudez - Colombia Sudan Rume (Extra-Light)
Clari Bermudez - Colombia Sudan Rume (Extra-Light)
Clari Bermudez - Colombia Sudan Rume (Extra-Light)

Clari Bermudez - Colombia Sudan Rume (Extra-Light)

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Impressions: Honey, Melon, Wheatgrass, Floral 
Process: Washed 
Producer: Diego Bermudez + Clari Bermudez
Variety: Sudan Rume
Altitude: 1930 MASL
Region: Cauca
Country: Colombia
Farm: El Paraiso
Roast Level: Light


Roasted May 15th 2024 - 10% Discount 

This Extra-Light scored 8 points higher (lighter) on our lightells colour meter, and 0.5% weight loss less than our traditional Clari Bermudez profile. While Clari's Extra Light appearance is more similar to our light offerings, its development is classified Extra-Light for us. This coffee is brighter but lacks early sweetness vs Clari Bermudez (regular). If you prefer sweet coffees with less rest time, please buy our regular Clari. If you prioritize clarity and can be patient, we think this coffee will shine. 

We recommend 4-5 weeks rest before breaking the seal on this coffee.

In the cup we get the sweetness of honey and honeydew melon. It has a citric acidity that reminds us of hibiscus and a very clean profile with a raw sugar like sweet finish. This coffee has a light body and long finish.   

Dedicated to Diego Bermudez wife, Clari, who spent a lot of time invested in this lot, this limited Sudan Rume micro lot is a special to Diego and his family. Diego Bermudez and the team at Finca El Paraiso in Cauca Colombia are often known for their meticulous processing and inventive methods. This coffee is the opposite of what we have come to know from Diego, as this is a traditional washed coffee dried in El Paraiso's Eco Enigma dryer. 

Sudan Rume is an extremely unique variety as it's a hybrid cultivar originating from the Boma Plateau, Sudan. The harvest is often incredibly small, and we think this coffee is a classic example of quality over quantity. We enjoy Sudan Rume for it's sweet yellow fruit/red fruit profile and unique complexity.

We beyond excited to share this lot from Clari and Diego and thank them for their constant pursuit of excellence in coffee. 

Price Transparency:
We paid Diego: $59.40USD/KG
Our total Costs Roasted: $68.31USD/KG