Jimmy Gomez - Colombia Geisha Honey
Jimmy Gomez - Colombia Geisha Honey

Jimmy Gomez - Colombia Geisha Honey

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Process: Honey
Impressions: Stonefruit, Cherries, Floral, Juicy
Farm: La Guadua
Variety: Geisha 
Altitude: 2100 MASL
Region: Narińo
Country: Colombia
Roast Level: Light


In this cup we get a lively and juicy Geisha from Jimmy Gomez of Narińo. This honey Geisha is crisp with a fruit forward profile reminding us of red grapes, deep red cranberries, citrus and florals reminiscent of any good Geisha.

La Guadua farm is located in the municipality of Cartago, Buenos Aires, Department of Nariño, Colombia. The family farm has been inherited by Jimmy. It has 5 hectares, where varieties such as: Caturra, Colombia, Geisha and Pink Bourbon are grown. The Gomez family has been dedicated to the cultivation of coffee by tradition before Jimmy was born. Jimmy's previous work with companies dedicated to specialty coffee, as an analyst and cupper, has enabled him to venture into the cultivation of new varieties and the application of non-conventional processing methods, which has distinguished him among the specialty coffee industry.

For this particular lot, The process begins with the harvesting of the cherries at their optimum point of maturity, after which they go to a flotation tank and are fermented in cherry in hermetic plastic tanks for 48 hours. After this first fermentation stage, the cherries are pulped and transferred to fermentation tanks, where the fermentation must is recirculated and the fermentation is supplemented with cultures previously prepared with microorganisms isolated from the same coffee cherries from the farm. This last fermentation stage has a duration of 90 hours and finally the beans go through a leach system to pass to a solar drying stage, where they are slowly dehydrated for approximately 22 days.


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