Musa Abalulesa - Ethiopia
Musa Abalulesa - Ethiopia
Musa Abalulesa - Ethiopia
Musa Abalulesa - Ethiopia

Musa Abalulesa - Ethiopia

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Process: Washed
Impressions: Stonefruit, Lemon, Peach, Butterscotch
Region: Oma Fontule
Country: Ethiopia
Altitude: 2100 MASL
Variety: 74110, 74165
Importer: Crop to Cup


Musa's coffee is a very nice representation of a washed Ethiopian coffee. We get a silky and floral cup with attributes of peach and apricots and lemons. It has a lingering sweetness that reminds us of butterscotch candies. 

Musa Abulelessa and his two brothers, Mustefa and Gugu, all own small farms in the Gomma region of Agaro—with Musa and Mustefa operating two farms together outside of Beshasha called Koye and Chanko. Before the undergrowth was cleared for coffee, Musa and Mustefa’s jungle parcel at 2100 meters elevation was a hideout for their father, Abalulessa, a guerilla fighting the oppressive military government of the time called The Derg. Failing to capture him and having lost soldiers in their attempts, the government offered the local community a bounty for Abalulessa’s capture. With his health deteriorating and near death, Abalulessa turned to an old friend and, as thanks for nursing him through his final months, told him to tell the government he had killed him, thus benefiting from the bounty. Abalulessa died in 1977—when Musa was just two years old—and as part of a subsequent amnesty and reconciliation program, the government gave land to the brothers and their mother, which Abulelessa’s sons now farm.

Price Transparency:
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