Wilder Lasso - Colombia Geisha (Extra Light)
Wilder Lasso - Colombia Geisha (Extra Light)
Wilder Lasso - Colombia Geisha (Extra Light)

Wilder Lasso - Colombia Geisha (Extra Light)

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PRE-RESTED: Roasted May 15th 2024

Impressions: Jasmine, Lemongrass, Grapes, Juicy
Process: Anaerobic Washed
Farm: La Dinastía
Variety: Geisha
Altitude: 1550 MASL
Region: Colombia
Lot: Lot 2
Harvest: February 2024
Roast: Light


This Extra-Light scored 5 points higher (lighter) on our lightells colour meter, and 0.5% weight loss less than our traditional Wilder Lasso profile. While Wilders Extra Light’s appearance is more similar to our light offerings, its development is classified Extra-Light for us. This coffee is brighter but lacks early sweetness vs Wilder Lasso (regular). If you prefer sweet coffees with less rest time, please buy our regular Wilder. If not, with rest, we think this coffee will shine. 

We recommend 3-4 weeks rest before breaking the seal on this coffee. 

In the cup we get a very juicy profile of raspberry and green grapes, intense florals that remind us of jasmine, a tropical sweetness like passionfruit and a juicy malic acidity. This coffee has a long finish and a silky body. This is one of the nicest geishas we've had in a while, and likely one of the most expressive we've shared in 2024.

Wilder Lasso (or Lazo) is actually a veterinarian specialized in livestock farming. As the coffee price continued to decline in 2016 and his father fell seriously ill, he decided to bring the family farm up to speed together with his brother. Initially, their coffees scored between 80-83 points on the cupping scale, despite elaborate processes and preparations. Wilder started examining soil samples and using targeted nutrients and fertilizers to neutralize the pH value, thereby increasing the availability of nutrients for the coffee trees. He refers to this as precision agriculture.

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