Wilton Benitez - Colombia Pink Bourbon
Wilton Benitez - Colombia Pink Bourbon
Wilton Benitez - Colombia Pink Bourbon

Wilton Benitez - Colombia Pink Bourbon

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This is our second year working with Wilton Benitez. Wilton ia a world renown coffee producer creating some of the most unique profiles in coffee. This coffee is a great example with big mango aromas, pineapple sweetness and a juicy tropical acidity.


  • Variety: Pink Bourbon
  • Country: Colombia
  • Region: Cauca, Colombia
  • Process: Washed with Thermal Shock
  • Altitude: 2100
  • Harvest: Early 2024
  • Producer: Wilton Benitez
  • Farm: Granja Paraiso 92

tasting iconIn the cup

We get a tropical profile of juicy mango, pineapple sweetness and passionfruit. This coffee has a creamy body with a tropical citric acidity.

Clean Funky
Terroir Process

producer iconAbout The Producer

26+ years being a coffee grower. 16+ years of experience with specialty coffee. Roaster. Q-grader processor. Non-certified tester but with a lifetime of experience in the tasting process. Paraíso 92 is a family farm that uses highly innovative farming systems such as terraces, drip irrigation, shading and laboratory nutrition count aimed to produce a unique coffee. Paraiso 92 has a processing plant, microbiology lab and quality lab. They are able to produce coffees through different processes such as washed, Natural, Honey and anaerobic coffees (single and twice fermentation). The use of bioreactors and specific microorganisms for controlled fermentation coupled with a constant control and monitoring of factors such as temperature, pH, brix degrees and electric conductivity make El Paraiso 92 ́s coffee to stand out from the rest and offer a value added like no other. All this allow the producer to have distinct, unique and standardized profiles and notes.

process iconProcessing

The cherries begins in anaerobic bioreactors where the microorganism is added.Once the first fermentation phase is finished, the shell of the fruits is removed to take them to other bioreactors and start the second fermentation phase. Wilton recovers the juices produced during the fermentation of cherries to add them in the fermentation of pulped coffee. After the second phase of fermentation is finished, the grains are again subjected to hot water impacts to later be washed with cold water. The washed coffee is taken to the ecological drying equipment where the drying curve is configured, which for this coffee is 40 degrees Celsius for the initial 12 hours and 35 degrees Celsius for the last 24 hours.

variety iconVariety

Pink Bourbon is a variety primarily grown in Huila, Colombia and while newer, it has quickly grown in popularity for its bright, sweet and aromatic profiles. It is now known to be an Ethiopian Landrace but further information is not available at this time.

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