Janja Hill - Rwanda
Janja Hill - Rwanda
Janja Hill - Rwanda
Janja Hill - Rwanda
Janja Hill - Rwanda

Janja Hill - Rwanda

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Impressions: Lemon, Iced Tea, Sesame, Purple Fruits
Process: Washed
Producers: 13 Smallholders
Variety: Red Bourbon
Altitude: 1900 MASL
Roast: Light
Region: Gakenke District
Harvest: Summer 2022
Country: Rwanda
Washing Station: Muzo
Importer: Semilla 


This washed Red Bourbon from Rwanda is clean and juicy. It reminds us of lemon iced tea, sesame, nectarine and purple fruits.

Muzo CWS is nestled into the crevices of rolling hills near the heart of Rwanda.
This station is the smallest in the Baho collection, and is near and dear to Emmanuel as the source of some of his most beautiful coffees. Average temperatures here are higher and the rainfall is lower, with altitudes that top out at a soaring 2100masl. All of these factors likely play a part in the intensely sweet and tropical fruit flavoured coffees that come through the stations.

Here’s some words from Emmanuel on the goal behind the Janja Hill group:

“Janja Hill is a potential hill for coffee of high quality with the altitude above 1900m. Farms are located almost in same conditions and we think, processing this coffee as same hill (known and identified farmers) will help us to clearly identify the profile, characteristics and other special attributes that we think this coffee may present. We will keep processing this coffee separately and we hope to promote it with our buyers."

FarmGate: 680 Francs/Kg Cherry
FOB Price: $3.63USD/LB
FOT Price: $7.15CAD/LB
Roasted Costs: $20.13CAD/KG