Janja Hill - Rwanda Bourbon
Janja Hill - Rwanda Bourbon
Janja Hill - Rwanda Bourbon

Janja Hill - Rwanda Bourbon

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Impressions: Lemon Candy, Black Tea, Blackberry, Citrus
Process: Washed
Producer: Emmanuel from Baho 
Variety: Bourbon
Altitude: 1900 MASL
Region: Gakenke District
Country: Rwanda
Washing Station: Muzo

In the cup we get intense citrus that reminds us of lemon candies, black tea florals, and a sweetness that reminds us of blackberry jam and deep purple fruits. This coffee has a silky body with a long finish. It has a very juicy citric acidity. 

The first step regardless of the process is cherry sorting. Under shade, every
cherry is sorted to ensure only the ripest are chosen and that any visibly
defective cherries are removed. Next, the hand selected cherries are placed
into tanks where they go through multiple rounds of flotation to separate off
the defective beans.

All Baho washed coffees undergo a double fermentation process. After
depulping, the coffee is immediately dry fermented (placed into an open-air
fermentation tank with no water) for 8 to 12 hours. The coffee is then washed
and the tank is filled with water for an additional 8 to 12 hour wet fermentation
(coffee completely submerged in water). Once the fermentation is complete,
the coffee is pushed through the grading channels. Here the coffee is very
rigorously washed and separated by density.

Price Transparency:

We Paid Osito: $10.89USD/KG
Our Roasted Costs: $14.12USD/KG