Percy Pintado - Peru Geisha (Extra-Light)
Percy Pintado - Peru Geisha (Extra-Light)
Percy Pintado - Peru Geisha (Extra-Light)

Percy Pintado - Peru Geisha (Extra-Light)

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Roasted January 31

*Extra Light* This is a limited release of Percy Pintado Geisha that is underdeveloped to our production standards yet we believe will be excellent after 3-5 weeks of rest but is discounted as we can not guarantee ideal results with rest. It is currently showing great promise with incredible aromatics. 

Process: Washed
Impressions: Bergamot, Orange Blossom, Jasmine, Honey, Grapefruit
Farm: Rayos De Sol
Variety: Geisha 
Altitude: 1825 MASL
Region: San Ignacio-Ihuamaca
Country: Peru
Roast Level: Light


In the cup we get a complex geisha profile with beautiful florals, bright citrus and sweet honey. This coffee also delivers a unique Peru complexity that is sweet, rich and unique. This is an excellent geisha. 

Percy Huaman Pintado is a third generation coffee producer and the owner of the Rayos del Sol farm, a 5 hectares plot located in Alto Ihuamaca, in the San Ignacio region. Percy works closely with family members nearby who also produce coffee and help one another by sharing their best farming practices. For his Geisha plants, Percy tells us that he pays special attention to picking the cherries at optimal ripeness levels, as well as a slow drying phase. With this special attention to details and devotion, Percy’s Geisha managed to be selected for the Cup of excellence auction this year. Percy mentions that he decided to name his farm ‘Rayos del sol’ in honor of the light that he can always glimpse on at the horizon, even in the darkest moments.

Price Transparency:
FOB: $33/KG
FOT: $42.13/KG