Ulises Nayra - Peru Marshell
Ulises Nayra - Peru Marshell

Ulises Nayra - Peru Marshell

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Process: Washed
Impressions: Red Apple, Red Currant, Plum, Raw Sugar
Farm: La Chirimoya 
Variety: Marshell
Altitude: 1870 MASL
Region: El Huabo
Country: Peru
Roast Level: Light

This coffee reminds us of why we love Peruvian coffee. In the cup we get juicy red apple with a balanced malic acidity and lingering raw sugar sweetness. This coffee has a silky body and is surely a crowd pleaser with a complex and elegant profile. 
Marshell is a new, unique and exciting variety. Believed to be a mutation of bourbon and Ethiopia heirloom, we are not yet sure if this was an intentional hybrid or an accidental mutation. What we do know is this variety is sweet, complex and for this specific lot, clean. 

Ulises Nayra is a third generation producer growing coffee in the small town of El Huabo, San Ignacio since 2010. He has been working with our export partner since many years but first had difficulty adopting some of the agricultural practices that his neighbors and family members had started to see great success with. Over the past 3 years, he has reinvested in some of these practices in growing and processing and his results have been amazing! Like his father and grand-father before him, Ulises now knows coffee farming like the back of his hand and hopes to continue the tradition with his own children.

Price Transparency (USD):
We Paid Coffee Quest - $11.55/KG
Roasted Costs - $17.28/KG