Yukro Lot 1 - Ethiopia
Yukro Lot 1 - Ethiopia

Yukro Lot 1 - Ethiopia

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Impressions: Lemon Candy, Earl Grey, Mandarin, Kiwi
Process: Washed
Producer: Mike Mamo
Variety: JARC 74112
Altitude: 2000 MASL
Region: Gera, Jimma
Country: Ethiopia
Washing Station: Telila
Roast: Light


This coffee from the Yukro kebele and produced at the same washing station as Genji Challa. We love it for its bright florals, stone fruit sweetness, and lemon candy acidity.

Telila is a privately owned washing station located in Western Ethiopia. Despite being only in its fourth year of operation, Telila has already made a name for itself in the specialty coffee industry, thanks to its experienced team.

This year's harvest presents more of what we have come to expect from this stellar washing station, with exceptional attention to detail paid during the drying process resulting in a cup profile that's clean and clear. The lots are carefully separated by kebele upon arrival at the washing station, an unusual and impressive practice that sets Telila apart from others in the Ethiopian coffee industry.

Importer: Osito
FarmGate: 61 Birr/Kg Cherry
FOB Price: $4.80USD/LB
FOT Price: $6.30USD/LB
Roasted Costs: $20.47CAD/KG