Coffee Subscription

Coffee Subscription

Sale priceR 716.00 ZAR

Currently Registering for June Subscriptions - Shipping Included 

CAD$52/ Month
USD $46/ Month 

2 x 250g Per Month

Perks of Subscribing: 

  • First Access to Coffees (All subscription coffees are sourced specifically for subs, any remaining stock will be released to the public if available at a later time)
  • Free Shipping Included (Canada and USA) 
  • Included Monthly Zine 
  • Custom Third Wave Water Packet included
  • 10% discount on all Squall series coffees 
  • Code "ADDON" (Save shipping on any items by including them in your subscription shipment. Coffee, Gear, Merch, etc.)

Subscriptions are the best way to get coffee every month, shipped directly to your door.

Our subscriptions are hand picked by us each month on a rotation to curate a unique experience with our favourite coffees. 

Your first order will be charged upon ordering, but will ship the next time we send out monthly subscriptions. More details below.