Marmalade Cola - Guatemala Espresso
Marmalade Cola - Guatemala Espresso
Marmalade Cola - Guatemala Espresso

Marmalade Cola - Guatemala Espresso

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Impressions: Cola, Toffee, Tangerine, Plum
Origin: El Tesoro, La Libertad, Huehuetenango
Process: Washed
Producer: Mario Aguilar Garcia
Variety: Field Blend
Altitude: 1750 - 1850 masl
Roast Level: Medium

Mario Aguilar Garcia was introduced to coffee since he was a child, he grew in a town and family that completely focused on coffee production. So as a kid, he would sometimes go with his family to help neighbouring farms, helping with picking and learning a little about coffee processing.

He remembers how before growing coffee was a much simpler process, and how that has changed and become much more complex, to maintain a farm and delivery hight quality coffee. El Coylar is currently managed by 4th generation. His greatest desire is for his kids to continue producing high quality coffee and make his farm more and more recognized.

He aspires to purchases more land (currently 6.5 hectares) with time and grow his farms production. He also wishes to provide his community with stable jobs and income.

In the cup profile, you can expect a pleasant cherry cola type of complexity, with a soft sparkle to the acidity. The red fruit flavours are complimented by the citrus tones, with tangerine and grapefruit showcasing. There's a medley of other fruits, with plum, apricot and a warmed honey type of texture.

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