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May Subscription Coffees

Our May subscribers will be treated with two gems, one as our first Burundi of the season, and the second is a rare Colombian treat from our friend, Diego Bermudez.

This Burundi is a Honey process Bourbon from the producers of Mutana Hill. As we mentioned, this is our first Burundi of 2024, and for good reason, it stands out as one of the best Burundi we've had the chance to cup in a long while. It's floral, sweet, clean and jammy. We can't wait to share more about this gem in our monthly zine.

Our second coffee is a washed Pink Bourbon from Diego Bermudez. You heard that right... it's washed. For those who know Diego's coffees from our menu like Buttercream and his juicy tropical Castillo, those are nothing like this coffee. While those have extended fermentation and a thermal shock process, this is dried by nature at his new solar dryer he calls "Natural Friends" (more on this in the zine), Diego is able to dry coffees almost 3x faster than what is typically seen in the industry, leaving an outstandingly clean and juicy coffee. This washed Pink Bourbon is one of our favourites of this season, and we're honoured to be the first in North America to feature a traditional Washed from our Friend Diego. In the cup we taste bright citrus, juicy lychee, and intense florals with a cotton candy like finish.

Mutana - Burundi - Honey Bourbon

In the cup we get tea like Florals, Dark Berries, Citrus and Jam.

Diego Bermudez - Colombia - Traditional Washed Pink Bourbon

In the cup we get Citrus, Florals, Lychee and Raw Sugar.

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April Subscription Coffees

Our April subscribers will be treated with two clean, sparkling and bright washed coffees from Colombia. The first is a return to Finca El Encinal, a coffee we first featured in 2023. Amparo is quite the woman; a wife, mother, grandmother and incredible coffee farmer. This coffee is another great example of how great the Caturra variety is. It's very clean with sweet stone fruits and black tea florals. It's an honour to feature Amparo's coffee, and we think you will really enjoy it.

Our second coffee for April is a washed Pink Bourbon from Erick Bravo of Finca El Chaferote in San Agustín, Huila, Colombia. We believe this coffee is special, and if you're a fan of Pink Bourbons this is a perfect example of a clean, bright and citrus forward PB. In the cup we get very bright citrus like lemon, strong florals, raw brown sugar and ripe stone fruits.

Erick Bravo - Finca El Chaferote - Colombia - Washed Pink Bourbon

In the cup we get a clean, juicy, floral and sugar sweet Pink Bourbon. We taste florals, bright citrus, stone fruits, raw sugar and berries.

Amparo Botina - Finca El Encinal - Colombia - Washed Caturra

In the cup we get a clean sparkling Caturra that reminds us of black tea, orange, stone fruits, red florals and golden raisin.