Diego Bermudez - Colombia Pink Bourbon
Diego Bermudez - Colombia Pink Bourbon
Diego Bermudez - Colombia Pink Bourbon
Diego Bermudez - Colombia Pink Bourbon

Diego Bermudez - Colombia Pink Bourbon

Sale price€18,95 EUR
Impressions: Lychee, Floral, Cotton Candy, Citrus 
Process: Traditional Washed 
Producer: Diego Bermudez
Variety: Pink Bourbon 
Altitude: 1930 MASL
Region: Cauca
Country: Colombia
Farm: El Paraiso
Roast Level: Light


In the cup we get the sweetness of lychee and a cotton candy finish. This coffee has delicate florals and a citric acidity that reminds us of grapefruit. It has a long sweet finish and a light body. 

Diego Bermudez and the team at Finca El Paraiso in Cauca Colombia are often known for their meticulous processing and inventive methods. This coffee is the opposite of what we have come to know from Diego, as this is a traditional washed coffee. And we think it shows that Diego and the team at Paraiso aren't a one trick pony. They can produce a stellar washed coffee as well as any. 

Dried at his new location called, “Natural Friends” pictured in the photo deck, Natural Friends is a solar dryer in the hills of Bolivar Cauca, the home to Diego. This drying location is unique, due to its placement. Diego and his team are able to dry coffee many times faster than what is considered traditional. Due to the valley winds and constant sun exposure, Diego believes this to be the perfect spot to dry coffee. Washed coffees can be dried in as few as three days, and natural coffees as fast as six days. In comparison, a traditional washed coffee dried this way would take ten to fifteen days. This results in cleaner, brighter coffees.

Diego continues to inspire us with his careful approach to processing coffees. We're excited for this and many more washed and natural processed coffees from Diego and the team to come. 

Price Transparency:
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Our total Costs Roasted: $20.63USD/KG