we exist to highlight

we are a micro roastery in canada's capital, ottawa. to us coffee is more than a caffiene fix but instead it's highlighting farmers, producers, processing methods, terrior, and varietal that result in a beautiful cup. our goal is to share coffees we love while highlighting this foundation.

Our approach

our core mission at september is to share coffee we love, and share them with people who love them too. we are careful to souce coffees that are not only delicious but from importers that we beleive live within the ethos of our values. this often results in coffees that are clean, sweet, and juicy leaving you desiring more.

for our shower series we roast to highlight the work of producers while aiming for just enough development to allow a coffee to shine. this is how the larger majority of our menu is designed.

we also realize that not everyone is a fan of this style of coffee and we're not here to judge. we have our storm series for those who prefer coffees with added development for increased texture, colour and solubility while still highliting a modern and delicate approach to coffee with great balance.