Mutana Hill - Burundi Honey
Mutana Hill - Burundi Honey
Mutana Hill - Burundi Honey
Mutana Hill - Burundi Honey

Mutana Hill - Burundi Honey

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Impressions: Floral, Dark Berries, Citrus, Dates
Process: Honey
Washing Station: Heza 
Variety: Bourbon
Altitude: 2100-2200 MASL
Region: Kayansa Province
Country: Burundi

In the cup we get juicy dark berries and delicate florals. This coffee has a sparkling citric acidity and a jammy sweetness like dates and raisins. It has a light body with a long sweet finish. 

Mutana Hill is September’s first Burundi offering. This is for good reason, as we select our coffees in a blind cupping (tasting) to ensure we remove bias of process, origin and producer. Mutana Hill was a coffee that stood out to us as something clean, sweet and bright and truly impressed us. We're excited to continue working with the producers and farmers of the Heza washing station in the future. 

Heza Washing Station processes its coffee by pumping spring water from a nearby natural spring. During the fully washed and honey process freshly harvested cherries are delivered by coffee farmers to the long Miles Coffee Washing Station, then floated and hand-sorted for ripeness upon arrival. The cherries are pulped and undergo a double fermentation process. Parchment spends around twelve hours dry fermenting, then undergoes a twenty-four hour wet fermentation. The parchment is sometimes ‘footed’ after fermentation. The team will agitate and dance on the slippery coffee parchment by foot, helping to loosen any remaining mucilage clinging to it. It is then rinsed in fresh water for washed, graded by density and left to soak for another four to six hours in the final rinse tank. For their honey process the parchment is carried to covered drying tables where it spends between six to forty-eight hours pre-drying. During this time, it is hand-picked for under-ripeness, over-ripeness, insect damage and visual defects. It is then moved to traditional African raised tables where it spends between sixteen to twenty days slow drying. During the natural process coffee cherries are floated and hand-sorted, then taken straight to the drying table. The whole coffee cherry spends roughly 25-30 days drying in its own skin turning from deep red to a prune like purple-black once fully dry.  

Photo credit: Osito Coffee 

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