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February Subscription Coffees

February is a really nice month for our subscribers. We start with Las Perlitas Lot 2, a beautiful community lot Pink Bourbon that is everything we love about the variety. It's sweet, juicy, fruity and bright. Ulises Nayra's washed Marshell marks the first time we've featured this exciting variety. This fresh Peru is so clean and sweet we had to share it with all of you.

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Las Perlitas Lot 2 - Colombia Washed Pink Bourbon

Reminds us of: Fruit Salad, Blood Orange, Limeade, Berries. This coffee is sweet, bright and lingering.

Ulises Nayra - Peru Washed Marshell

Reminds us of: Juicy Red Apple, Plum, Citrus, Red Currant. This coffee is clean, sweet and juicy.

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January Subscription Coffees

We are starting off 2024 with two beautiful washed coffees. Returning as the unexpected but deserving fan favourite of 2023 is Pink Lemonade, a juicy pink bourbon from San Agustín and the La Muralla producer group. Last years crop reminded us of the sweetness and aromatics of pink lemonade - with big acidity and sugary sweetness. This years crop returns just as beautiful with a focus on its bright grapefruit acidity, and it's big floral aromatics. We're also ending the 2022/23 harvest of Ethiopia with Musa Abalulesa's crop of washed local heirlooms. This cup is what you expect in a clean washed Ethiopian with juicy acidity and lemonade sweetness with a creamy body.

Pink Lemonade - Colombia Huila - Washed Pink Bourbon

In the cup we get intense aromatics of lemon and tea like florals with grapefruit and orange blossom sweetness.

Musa Abalulesa - Ethiopia Oma Fontule - Washed 74110, 74165

In the cup we get a clean cup with sweetness of caramelized peach & lemonade with beautiful floral aromatics.